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SUP Race Training

Are you ready to step your SUP Game?

Join us for our morning training sessions.

You can get trained by a 3 Time Molokai Finisher and a paddler who has been on many podiums in his racing career. 

If this was a Kung Fu movie, you’d be getting trained by a decendent of a living legend. 

Who is training you? Braly Joy.

How is he a decendent of a living legend? Well, when Braly headed the SIC MAUI Team, he learned to paddle from Georges Cronstead, who is one of the best paddlers in the world. 

When you train with the 9th Island Crew you will learn to paddle using all of the correct muscles, using the correct stroke, and the perfect cadence for your board and the conditions. 

Come out and be part of our crew. Let’s train hard and head out to the coast to show them how Desert Paddlers do this thing. 

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