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Beginner Paddle Board Lesson/Tour Lake Mead

Do you want to try the fastest growing water sport in the world?

9th Island SUP in Boulder City, Nevada has you covered.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons are taught at Lake Mead.

Our tested and proven lesson covers all the basics  and will have you paddling in no time.

We’ll have you on the water, paddling with proper form, and doing advanced maneuvers all in one lesson!

Our primary goal is to help you become a confident, safe paddler in just one lesson!

SUP Beginner Lessons at Lake Mead Include:

  • All the basic components in Stand Up Paddle Boarding, We spend about 10 minutes on the beach prior to getting in the water:
    • Properly fit yourself for a board
    • Properly fit grip and paddle
    • Properly lift and carry a board
    • Understand necessary safety considerations
    • How and where to stand on the board
    • Basic strokes and turns
    • Simple self recovery
  • You’ll get familiar with the equipment and know how to properly launch your paddle board and get it safely onto land.
  • We’ll go over a few basic strokes, how to stop the board, how to turn the board, and the general navigational “rules of the road”.
  • Then we’ll get on the water! Don’t worry, you’ll have an instructor with you the whole time to answer any questions you have and to help you adjust your technique as you go.
  • You will learn the phases of each stroke and you’ll practice being an efficient paddler.
  • We’ll go over different ways to turn a paddle board and discuss when to use each.
  • We’ll help you adjust your stance and give you tips to maintain balance in choppy waters and boat wake, as well as talk about how to handle windy conditions.

We have designed our lesson to help get you up and get comfortable on the board quickly. 

You will learn the basics of stance, paddle strokes, recovery and safety.

The lesson is also a stand up paddle board

tour of Lake Mead!

Our experts LIVE Stand Up Paddling and are trained in all aspects of the sport.

If you have questions about Paddling Technique, SUP Fitness,  Downwind SUP, Open Ocean SUP Strategies, Flatwater SUP Racing or equipment selection, call us today and schedule your next SUP Lesson.

We always structure and customize our lessons to meet the needs of the paddler whether you are a beginner or someone looking to improve your paddle technique. Our stand up paddle board instructors are experienced paddlers who are CPR & First Aid certified and certified as instructors by the World Paddle Association and/or the World Stand Up Paddleboard Association. SUP Lessons will cover equipment, paddle and turning techniques, safety, balance and reading environmental conditions.

Private lessons are $75 an hour per person. If you book a group of 3 or more, your price will be $55 per person. 

Lessons last an hour and a half and include rental board, paddle, leash, PFD as well as instructor’s time. 

The natural layout of Lake Mead allows for a VERY scenic lesson, which is why we call them Lesson/Tours. 

If you’re ready to book your lesson click this link now and find a time that suits you.

Or if you still have questions please Call (702) 293-7873 now to book your private or group SUP Lesson.